Anderson detective agency


The Anderson Detective Agency is owned and operated by Ed Anderson. Since 1989, The Anderson Detective Agency has been providing investigative, paralegal and technical support services primarily to the criminal defense bar around the San Francisco Bay, mainly in the Silicon Valley (San Jose) area. Mr. Anderson also occasionally works for private parties on a restricted basis. Ed has an undergraduate degree in Administration of Justice (police science) and a Master’s Degree in Political Science. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he was employed by the justice system in the public sector from 1971 through 1988, and went private in 1989.

Services offered:

  1.     Witness acquisition, interviews and management (subpoenas and trial prep)

  2.     Trial exhibits

  3.     Background checks

  4.     Trial support

  5.     Audio, video and photographic production services

  6.     Expert witness coordination

  7.     Critique of police reports and investigations

Anderson Detective Agency

CA License # 13529

Since 1989

5542 Monterey Rd., #175

San Jose CA 95138

(408) 365-7071

We cover the santa cruz and monterey areas as well

Ed has also been instrumental in developing programs within correctional institutions whereby defendants are now, using agency provided iPods, able to view and listen to audio, photographic and video material provided to their attorneys as discovery.

If you are interested in acquiring or loading iPod devices with redacted or un-redacted discovery material for attorney study or use by clients, please call or email.